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Quantum Emotional Clearing

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Theory of Quantum Emotional Clearing
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The Institute of Quantum Emotional
Certification Program
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About the Founder of QEC
Find out about Lee Beymer's fascinating
journey to becoming the successful
Holistic Healer he is today!

QEC Seminars QEC Certified Practitioner Courses QEC Online Form Submissions
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  2. QEC Case Report
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  3. Review Questionnaire
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QEC Clearing Circle (Tuesdays)

Quantum Emotional Clearing Manual

Overall, the QEC techniques effectively facilitate the rapid reduction or complete elimination of negative emotional charges. We will send you a link via eMail for the Electronic Version. The Hard Copy Version will be mailed; postage is calculated during checkout.

- Electronic Copy $14.95
- Hard Copy Version $14.95 + 2.39 S&H
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